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Fantasy Football Almost Burned Down My House

Fantasy Football

I almost burned down the house thanks to Fantasy Football. Seriously, though. It happened on Monday. I had heated some oil on the stove to cook some frozen French fries for Clifford’s dinner. It was fast and easy and if you haven’t been paying attention, I’m not exactly Julia Childs here, so whatever.

When the oil was hot enough, I threw in the fries. I put the lid on and walked into the living room to grab my phone. Little Sis called right when I went to pick it up. We got whatever pleasantries needed out of the way and then we got down to business -Fantasy Football.

Our draft is Sunday, you see. We have 14 in our league this year which means we’re going to need to go deep. And as far as players go, they’re already dropping like flies. We started going through possibilities and strategies, the pros and cons of various players, our always in-sync thoughts on Tom Brady, team names, etc. You get the drill. The next thing I know I see smoke billowing out of the kitchen in a dark dense wave. I pause, staring at the smoke. I’ve never seen that much in an enclosed area in my life. Continue reading


Libby V Clifford (part 3)

So, yeah, I won.

104-96. Back from a 30 point deficit. I'm awesome.

104-96. Back from a 30 point deficit. I’m awesome.



Libby V Clifford (part 2)

The game is afoot. I have three of my best players sitting a bye week and it’s time for Move #2 in Clifford’s and my War of the Roses .

Move #2: With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

Thomas Jefferson better be right. I have never researched my Fantasy Football picks as much as I have this week, delving into stats and predictions and theories and injury lists, etc. It was a bit beyond obsessive. I settled on a lineup at 8:25PM (our league locks in on Thursday’s kick off) willing fate be on my side.

Clifford had one player live last night. Only 3 points went his way. Granted it was his Tight End, but I’ll take it. Beggers can’t be choosers in a scenario such as this. Of course this is the week the Seahawks score 13 — on my bench. I have all my eggs in the Cardinals’ Defensive basket for Week 7 and it had better pay off bigger than the Easter Bunny.




Fantasy Football – My Happy Place

I know it’s been over a week, but I have had the flu. The honest-to-God flu, people. It’s as bad as it sounds. I’ve had horrid flashbacks to the food poisoning from hell along with an ultimate battle of remaining-coherent-while-a-sledge-hammer-has-decided-to-play-“Test-Your-Strength”-with-my-head unfolding not far behind . Just as it sounds… I also figured after devoting an entire month to my love life, you guys could use a little break.

What I want to talk about today is a new love in my life. I love Fantasy Football, and I want to shout it from the rooftops or jump on a couch with Oprah – that’s how in love with FF I am.

I was surprised, too.

I was surprised, too.

Where has it been all my life? Better yet, where have I been to have only joined a league this year?

There’s definitely been a little bit of a learning curve because I’ve never played before, but it’s become an obsession for me. Clifford would watch The League on FX — I feel like I might be becoming those people.  It’s also been fabulous because Clifford is playing with me. My husband, who I remind you is not from North America and has never been interested in football or particularly any other sports since moving to the States, has finally invested in one. And that sport is football. This. Is. Huge.  It has sincerely taken our relationship to the next level. Watching him shout things at the TV about offside and holding makes my heart grow three sizes too big.



And I’ve gone from interested to completely engrossed. I’m suddenly more involved in NFL stats and player performance and injuries than I’ve ever been before. I’ve always been a college football kind of girl and now I find myself living for Sundays instead of Saturdays (though I’ll still catch any college game to watch Notre Dame lose or Michigan win).

Fantasy Football is like the ultimate school yard pick-up game of kickball. There are captains and there are players. In Fantasy Football, you’re guaranteed to be a captain and you get to pick your team.  Your choices have consequences, but you get to watch those consequences be played out on your hi-def TV instead of on a dirt field behind an old smelly gym.

I’m not leading my league by any stretch of the imagination. It’s my rookie year; cut me some slack. But the highs and lows of winning and losing week to week have brought back my competitive drive with a vengeance. Though it’s a much more mature competitive drive than what I had during school yard kickball. It’s healthier… Instead of pounding the nearest teeter-totters like a two year old after a heartfelt loss, I just pound a bottle of wine like my liver could care less (we’ve struck an accord).

Fantasy Football is my happy place. Living the dream …




My Foray Into Fantasy Football

Where I grew up sports and farming was where it’s at. I’m no farmer. I was more a live-for-those-Friday-night-lights, tailgates, rivalries, whooping and hollering and overall merrymaking at any and all football games. I know I’m a Hoosier, so not liking basketball is like a grizzly bear not liking small children for dinner, but football has always been my preference.

Which means I am super psyched about Fantasy Football. I’ve never played in a Fantasy league before, but I love football. That was the biggest disappointment in attending an art school – there wasn’t a team. And being stuck in the South with SEC lovers, watching games just isn’t the same. Sure, I can appreciate other regions because when you enjoy something, you enjoy it across the board, but again, it’s not quite the same as a Big Ten mashup in my book.

Though I typically take collegiate anything in sports over pro, I’m all in on this one. So I have a team. I am the owner of the Rendezvous Reaganites (formerly the Suburbia Reaganites). Though I prefer playing sports to watching them, there is something intriguing about owning a team, making the trades, deciding who plays – you know, being the Big Cheese. It’s strategy, and a little bit of luck (like Andrew Luck who is my top draft pick, Chelle, and the quarterback you will not have – just saying.) It’s why I prefer doubles to singles now; it’s like a chess match. Well, a chess match that relies entirely on outside forces affecting my team and plan beyond my control such as my players remaining unharmed, making wise decisions of their own accord and not doing anything stupid to ruin the offensive and defensive lines I’ve carefully constructed prior to game day. So not like chess at all really …

Our  league’s draft day is Labor Day. I’m pumped. An entire season of trash talking and winning over other adults in the name of football is truly appealing to me on a number of levels. Let’s hope I get my lineup right.

Do you play Fantasy Football? If you have any tips and tricks, I’ll take them because I fully intend on winning this one for the Gipper.

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                                        My team’s logo.                                         (all credit to http://gifsgallery.com/ronald+reagan+gif)