about me



I was born into a world of material girls and grunge music, Atari games and Power Pads (before the controllers got way too complex), Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Pretty in Pink and The Princess Bride.  I played with cards (like real cards) and Rubik’s cubes. I teepee’d people’s homes (yes, I was that girl). I pretended to roller skate. I learned on DOS. I know where I was when OJ was acquitted and the Beastie Boys will always have a home in my heart… I am a hybrid of two generations labeled X and Y. I’m married to a South African man named Clifford who grew a beard I hate and it drives him nuts that I mention him here (which is why I do it). Enjoy my meanderings.


Need answers to life’s burning questions? Just want to say “hey”? Email me at libby at no-take-backs.com

and be sure to check our my art at unevenink.com

Gifs are not mine but most pics are mine unless otherwise stated. 

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