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I Made A Costume!

Another Dragon Con has come and gone. This year’s guests were incredible. Cary Elwes is as dashing as you’d expect. Ralph Macchio still doesn’t look a day over 16. C. Thomas Howell and Karl Urban had me rolling with laughter. Peter Weller brought the highbrow. And the Hobbit panel with Adam Brown, Jed Brophy, Billy Boyd and Craig Parker was simply phenomenal.

This year the fam decided to join in the cosplay fun, but with our own little twist – we brought a toga party to the con. We decided to represent different pop-culture/sci-fi/literary genres while donning a bed sheet in a crowd that probably topped out at over 60,000 during the Labor Day weekend.

From left to right: Doctor Who, A Ninja (but you probably can't see him), Elle Driver from Kill Bill, A Steampunk Lass, Darth Vader, Wonder Woman, and Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games.

From left to right The Toga Revolution: Doctor Who, A Ninja (but you probably can’t see him), Elle Driver from Kill Bill, A Steampunk Lass, Darth Vader, Wonder Woman, and Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games.

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Thursday-Thank-Yous: June 26th,2014

Ever want to give a quick shout out to someone or something for making your day a little brighter? Thursday-Thank-Yous is your opportunity. Send them in and we will share them with the world. 

road less travelled


Dear Hasbro,

Thank you for making little 6 inch Star Wars  figures with super cool appendages that keep my husband entertained for hours.  - Steph C.


To Dame Angela Lansbury,

Thank you for being one of the most talented actresses on stage and screen! Thank you for still rocking it at 88 years of  age AND thank you for having Adrian Paul on an episode of Murder She Wrote. That was just awesome.  -Libby G


Thank you to The Wonder Years for creating a TV show that I could relate to as a teenager. It didn’t depict teens as totally brainless morons or marginalize their problems.  - Marc C.


Thank you Psych for making me laugh with your endless pop culture references, only half of which I understood.  -@evelynoelle29


Thanks to Stephen King for decades of twisted story telling.  -@mj_chalmers


Thank you Ralph Macchio for never aging!  -Ms. Politico


Thank you Billy Joel for the longest time, telling her about it, and not starting the fire.  - Papa Monkey


I would like to thank Dish Network for being a TV provider that actually provides good customer service. – M.C.