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A Taxidermy Adventure (guest post)

Today’s guest post is by a friend from the Hoosier State – Alyse Small. Alyse happily welcomes a foray into the wildly unknown. Which is what it’s all about, folks!


This thing will kinda make sense, but I’ll explain why at the end.

So I found a bird in the yard of a local urgent care center. It took me approximately five full minutes of talking to my boyfriend to decide to go snatch this dead bird. I wanted it because it’s yellow and it’s a bird I’ve never seen before. It’s amazing and I freaked out the whole time I went to pick it up thinking someone was gonna come out and yell at me or call me crazy because I’m just hanging out at an urgent care clinic picking up dead birds. Anyway, I get it in my car, I get it home, and I call my mom to tell her about it. Then I send her a picture so she can Google what the hell it is. Turns out it’s a Western Meadowlark and it’s not even supposed to be native to Indiana. (Thanks global climate change.)

Look at it though. It’s glorious.

A very dead but GLORIOUS Western Meadowlark.

A very dead but GLORIOUS Western Meadowlark.

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Another Family Adventure (guest post)

Today’s guest post is from community member Christina Cline Schneider. Christina shares another wonderful family adventure. adventure. As always, thank you for sharing, Christina! You have such great insights! 

As a mother, I’ve always found it extremely valuable that my children get out into the world and have experiences. Each experience is eye opening and a teachable moment for me. We learn so much from our experiences and the value of adventure bringing about a sense of fulfillment.

With this philosophy in mind,  I try to plan something special for the kids during the year. Sort of like a “vacation” but I’m not a big “vacation” person. I’d rather create some small budget friendly adventures instead. These adventures can range from a Saturday afternoon trip to the library to a full blown “let’s get in the car and drive to a new landmark we’ve never been to.” It always depends on how much extra money we have because let’s be honest, we are ALL on a budget. Continue reading


The Value Of An Adventure (guest post)

Today’s guest post is from community member Christina Cline Schneider. Christina shares a great piece about the value of adventure. Thank you, Christina! 

So, I’ve been thinking about this lately, really, “What does the value of an Adventure mean to me?” I recently watched an interview with Chris Guillebeau regarding his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose To Your Life. From the interview I really felt compelled to explore this concept. And explore it with my kids. I have not read his book yet, but I certainly plan on it. The interview was filled with so much awesomeness I had to explore it immediately.

First, what is an Adventure? Wikipedia describes an Adventure as an exciting or unusual experience. In the interview Chris explains how smaller adventures/quests can have just as much impact as larger ones. This excited me because our travel budget has currently dropped into the red. I also learned that by giving this adventure or quest a number it gives more purpose and makes it fun. Just like a deadline for a project – it provides a purposeful container around it.

So, the kids and I decided that we would start something that would give purpose to our routine. We decided to start board game night. Pretty basic, right? But no, we’re going to have game night every Saturday for 22 weeks. 22 weeks because we have 22 games in the game closet and many have never been played. At the end of 22 weeks, we plan to purchase one new game to and donate one of our least favorites. The kids are so excited and it’s a challenge. Just by giving the board game night a “goal” of 22 weeks we are giving it structure and purpose. Coolness, right?

Want a life that’s more meaningful and exciting? A quest just may do the trick –
Check out Marie Forleo’s interview with Chris here.

London, our board games and Hudson

London, our board games and Hudson = Game Night


Christina Cline Schneider


Christina is a palm tree-loving, barefoot, beach bum wife and mother of 2 who is devoted to cultivating a family life where gratitude, self confidence, contribution and love rise above. She seeks alternative parenting methods where she can help to cultivate and guide the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of her children. In 2013, she resigned from a corporate job in the financial industry to pursue her greater role as a parent and artist.  Since then, she has begun to pursue a career as a parenting and wellness coach.