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Clifford & Libby Attend A BBQ

Clifford and I were invited to a BBQ this past weekend. Our standard go-to, well, rather Clifford’s standard go-to, when invited to a social gathering of any kind is “no”. So it is usually up to me to determine the two or three things we will actually attend as a couple throughout the year. I can’t get him to commit to more than that. Of course this year, there will be a fourth because of the whole “dinner with the neighbors/new friends” incident several months back. He owes me for that one.

Back to the BBQ – generally I fly solo but this invite came from a former coworker of Cliff’s. He’s rejected every offer to dine at their house for probably two years. They’d had a third kid for crying out loud since the last time we were there (and that’s at least 9 months and some change in the making). It was time to show up. Continue reading