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The Music Challenge #11- Concerts

I was never one to really spend money on music growing up. I enjoyed music and still do, but I was never a groupie or a follower of a particular singer, song writer or band (other than Aerosmith and The Beatles). My love of music stopped at purchasing a cassette single or eventually a CD here or there. I spent my money on movies and doing stupid stuff. Not necessarily money wiser spent, but that’s life.

I’m also a person who would attend a concert for entertainment. I want to see an incredible performance. I’m about showmanship. I want an experience. Say what you will about her, but Madonna is a performer not a singer in my book. A concert she produces would be worth my time and money. As much as I love a musician unplugging here or there, I do not want to pay well upwards of $75-$100 to watch someone sit on a stool for two hours knocking out acoustic versions of their top hits. I mean, I’m watching them sit on a stool for two hours… Not my cup of tea and a waste of money in my book.  And you can totally forget it if it’s a concert filled with nothing but new music. I paid to hear what I already know, not some experiment you’re running on an unsuspecting crowd to test your creative juices which in a lot of cases pale in comparison to your earlier career successes.

Over the years though, I have made it to a few concerts and when I hear one of the musicians’ songs on the radio, it takes me back to those moments.

Adding to The Music Challenge, songs from all of the concerts I ever attended:

My first concert ever was in the Grand Stands at the Elkhart County Fair. My grandparents listened to Ray Stevens. My mother listened to Ray Stevens. His music played often throughout my house and when he came to the county fair, we were all over that like white on rice. The man and his music are witty, funny, and totally entertaining.

70. Ray Stevens, The Streak (1974)

My first concert with friends was an Audio Adrenaline concert at Epworth Forest in Indiana. Remember them? Youth group teens everywhere flocked to this one. I remember I bought my first concert shirt there. It was orange.

71. Audio Adrenaline, Big House (1993)

Most people know by now that Dave Mathews was originally from South Africa. This is why I think my husband and sister-in-law were such big fans. They went to the Dave Mathews concert at the Lakewood Amphitheater  every year. When Clifford and I started dating, a ticket was bestowed upon me as well. Other than Ants Marching, I had no clue what the hell he was playing. It was all new music and it sounded terrible, not like the Dave Mathews music people had paid to hear played. It was my least favorite concert experience.

72. Dave Mathews Band, Ants Marching (1993)

I was SO psyched to see Art Garfunkel in concert! He played at the SCAD Theater in Savannah. He was wonderful and I am just so happy I can say I saw him live. It was beyond what I thought it would be.

73. Art Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Waters (1970)

SCAD started this free New Alumni concert in Forsyth Park in Savannah the year Clifford was graduating. They chose George Clinton as their inaugural musician. Of all of the concerts I have ever been to, this was the surprise. I LOVED it! I never considered myself a fan of funk, but boy can George Clinton and his peeps Turn. It. Out. I have a whole new appreciation for the genre. Now a funk song is always included  on my top ten jams list.

74. George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Give Up the Funk (1977)

There is something about this man that draws me to him and his music. He’s been compared to Freddie Mercury, and maybe that’s the hook that always keeps me coming back for more. In 2007, my sister and I took one of our youth group girls to see him in concert at Center Stage (formerly Earthlink Live!) in Atlanta. You want to talk about showmanship? Performance? Yeah, and he’s sexy as hell? Everyone should take time to see Mika in concert at least once in their life.

75. Mika, Relax, Take It Easy (2006)

I’ve already posted about my Styx experience, I think, but essentially my dad had gotten Chelle and I track seats at the Elkhart County Fair to see them. It was fantastic! They were fun and light and just utterly sensational.  Their energy was off the charts! I’d wanted to see Styx in concert for years, and it was sort of neat to be able to see them playing back near my hometown actually.

76. Styx, Come Sail Away (1977)

This was the concert that I won tickets to through the Mark Arum radio show in Atlanta. It was at the Verizon Amphitheater. I took my younger sister and it was such a beautiful night. Loved every minute of it.

77. Boston, More Than A Feeling (1976)





Throw-Back-Monday: An Art Garfunkel Concert Anyone?

With the headline of Paul Simon’s arrest today, I was thrown back to my college days where I had an opportunity to see Art Garfunkel in concert.

It was one of those things where I actually hesitated to go for a few reasons:

1. As weird as this may seem, I’m not really a concert goer. See, I’m not a big fan of deviation. I am the girl in the audience who wants the highly processed perfect version I play repeatedly on my system at home. I don’t want to hear new music. I bought a ticket because I bought your album. I didn’t buy a ticket because I think when it comes to all things musical , I believe you have the Midas touch. I also don’t want to hear a scat rendition of your most popular songs, either. There’s a reason the way you sang it for the album made you famous. Please don’t mess with something that made me like you.

2. The cost. The cost is crazy!!!! They are a lot of dough, particularly when you are a teenager, which is when you have time to waste and money to burn (and concerts are one of the few things that can keep you away from your folks all night long with an automatic curfew extension). But to me, that’s a hell of a lot of babysitting gigs and mowed lawns. I could see almost ten movies for the price of one concert (back in the day when my local theater cost $5 a show). They last about as long. And the Dolby Surround lets me catch every word, unlike at a concert where the deafening screams of my fellow goers muffles pretty much every word being muttered on stage. The entire thing ends up sounding like a performance by the teacher from Peanuts. So the ratio of bang to my buck is just not great enough for me.

3. The smell. Inevitably the same smells are prevalent at every concert I have ever been to. B.O., patchouli, beer, cigarettes, baby powder and CK One just don’t mix.

4. Art Garfunkel is not Paul Simon. If you had to see one or the other, I mean, c’mon?

However, regarding the one thing that always seems to matter (and tugs at my  heart strings a little, too) – Art Garfunkel had my hair. I was in.

Art being groovy.

Art being groovy.

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