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Risky Business

Clifford and I rang in the New Year in a different way. Continue reading


Thursday-Thank-Yous: July 10th, 2014

Ever want to give a quick shout out to someone or something for making your day a little brighter? Thursday-Thank-Yous is your opportunity. Send them in and we will share them with the world.

road less travelled


Dear Chelle,

Happy Birthday! And thank you for being the most amazing best friend anyone could ever ask for for the last um … many many years!   –Libby G.


Thank you, @JamesRoday, for #mastiffmondays! They make me smile every time.  –Libby G.


Dear Jessica,

Thank you for helping out my wife when she’s really needed it. Thank you for playing with and entertaining our son. And thank you for smoothing things over in the middle of a Target meltdown.  –Jeremy P.


Thank you @AdamfGoldberg for one of the funniest half hours I’ve seen in a while. Your Goonies episode of The Goldbergs had me peeing just a little. Made my day!  –Libby G.