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WANTED: Podcast Recommendations


Lately, I’ve been absorbed by podcasts. Am I the last one to board this ship? Likely. I’m typically the last person to join any party.  It was nearly two years ago, I believe, when I was somehow introduced to Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy. I can’t recall which interview it was that caught me, but what sold me was Tyler hosting. I love Aisha Tyler. To me, she is one of the best examples of an artist with strong business acumen (a rare combination) putting herself out there, never satisfied, always pushing to improve, to do more and be more. She is a modern Renaissance being pouring her creativity into multiple projects across various industries. Just because one is an artist, doesn’t mean he or she is limited to creating one type of thing. It doesn’t mean their enthusiasm for producing work is narrow or finite. She explores and experiments and evolves and that is what being an artist is.  As a fellow creative, I admire that. It’s not as easy as it looks. And to be an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit to boot , well, that interests me because the two don’t typically go hand in hand. Continue reading