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The Sibling Rivalry Contest

So here we are folks: No-Take-Backs’ first contest ever! Earlier this week, I shared with you the loving story of how I knocked my younger sister unconscious and dragged her body out of sight only to offer the world in exchange for her silence. So now I want to hear your best sibling story!

Siblings can be a great support system, but they can also drive us nuts, put us in danger, and wreak havoc on our daily lives. I challenge you to share your finest sibling rivalry moment with the world. It could be a No-Take-Back, or it could be a Total-Take-Back; the call is yours.

The rules:

  • In 500 words or less share your best sibling war story 
  • Top three stories will be selected by me and published the week of September 29th on my blog. The stories will then be voted upon by my readers. 
  • The winning submission will receive a set of pristine action figures representing the most famous siblings the Universe has ever seen – Bespin Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa (sponsored by The Mixed Market on Etsy) They will be yours for writing the winning entry. 

    Luke and Leia ... the Universe's most noteworthy siblings.

    Luke and Leia … the Universe’s most noteworthy siblings. All yours for the taking!

  • The top three entries will be judged and selected by the creativity, wickedness, and humor in your version of events. 

Good luck and Godspeed. Email me with questions!