Total-Take-Back: The Walk Of Shame

Happy Friday, folks! Please tell me I am not the only one this has happened to? …

I was visiting my sister in Fort Collins. We were at her local gym. I’d locked my clothes in the locker (which had quite the tricky little lock, by the way). Couldn’t seem to make it work after my swim. And of course nobody was around to help me when I needed it most. Got to walk through the entire gym soaking wet (at least I was in my swimsuit) with a hand towel to cover me while¬†people smirked and stared as I made my way to the front desk.


Yep. And for the record, walking through a local gym soaked in my swimsuit is nothing like being soaked in my swimsuit with strangers on a beach. Not similar. At. All. 

Totally felt like the Walk of Shame … suddenly I was waking up from my Bachelorette party all over again… Not cool.


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