Total-Take-Back: The Mickey Cake

My nephew’s 1st birthday was last weekend. He’s obsessed with Mickey Mouse. My sister wanted to create the picture perfect Mickey cake.

The Perfect Mickey

The Picture Perfect Mickey Cake (

She enlisted my help, and received what I like to call a CONCEPTUAL version of Mickey (that just happens to look like his face is being melted by the sun).

Melting Mickey ...

Melting Mickey …

But that’s not the part that seemed to throw my sister. Something wasn’t right and apparently it wasn’t the Oompa Loompa suntan Mickey’d ┬áreceived. It was his nose. So she fixed it.

Hitler Mickey

yeah …

Mickey quickly went from George Hamilton to Hitler in the span of five seconds flat.

Love your children, but know your limits. Don’t do this to your kids, folks. Please…


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