The Music Challenge #8 – Slow Dance Songs

To continue in the vein of Monday’s prom related post, and desperately needing to add to The Music Challenge, I’ve decided to insert these cheesy sweethearts that overwhelmed every girl’s gushing heart while opening doors of opportunity for their hormonal-driven dates at some random dance in the 1990s.

I begin with my Junior prom. The theme was Take My Breath Away. I still remember sitting in the Home-Economics room with the prom committee when one of my comrades threw it out there for consideration. All I’ll say, given that it was prom, it could have been SO much worse. I’d gladly accept a Top Gun inspired prom slow song over something inspired by the sinking of a gigantic ship. I’m just saying …

So here goes. Added to The Music Challenge are bad ballads from the 90s that take me back to the Oakwood Inn (my Junior prom location) OR to Fairfield Jr.-Sr. High School’s cafetorium (where every other school dance was held including semi-formals. um, yeah).

Time to hark back to those awkward pubescent years my friends…

36. Berlin, Take My Breath Away (1986)

37. Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me (1996)

38. All-4-One, I Can Love You Like That (1995)

39. Elton John, Can You Feel The Love Tonight (1994)

40. Guns N’ Roses, November Rain (1992)

41. Seal, Kiss From A Rose (1995)

42. Boyz II Men, End of the Road (1993)

43. All-4-One, I Swear (1994)

44. Toni Braxton, Breathe Again (1994)

45. Extreme, More Than Words (1990)

46. Meat Loaf, I’d Do anything For Love (but I won’t do that) (1994)

47. Whitney Huston, I Will Always Love You (1992)

48. Aerosmith, I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing (1997)

49. Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On (1997)



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