The Music Challenge #3

I am not a dancer. I was in ballet when I was like 5, maybe? I didn’t even make it to the recital. I sucked at dancing. I still do. I have no rhythm. I’ve said it before – I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. Not kidding – we could be twins.

Doesn’t mean I don’t dance. I just have a lot of people staring at me to stop when I do it. I have attended many many dances and clubs over the years. Do I wish I could bust moves like Young MC? Of course! Everyone wishes they didn’t look like they were simultaneously spazzing, seizing, and swallowing a toad while grooving to their favorite tunes, but sadly, that’s just not me.

I admire dancing. I think the people who do it are amazing. It’s art in motion. Who couldn’t appreciate that? So while I was at the gym today and a little C+C Music Factory came across my itunes, I decided it was time to add some dance music to my 365 songs.

All of these got me shaking my stuff on the dance floor (even if they shouldn’t have) in one way or another. Because there are so many dance songs that take me back, today’s selections focus a bit more on the pre-choreographed group dance crazes that I actually learned at some point in my life. Still doesn’t mean my particular execution wasn’t so atrocious it forced innocent people to avert their eyes, but it did get me on the floor sharing a united moment with the masses.

Here you go. In no particular order:


Maybe not a dance craze, but it was today’s inspiration.

6. C+C Music Factory, Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (1990)


Drove me freaking insane!!! This one was SO overplayed AND terrible, BUT, I am ashamed to say I knew how to do it.

7. Los del Rio, Macarena (1994)


The one bit of fancy footwork I didn’t mess up and always brought me to the dance floor.

8. Marcia Griffiths, Electric Boogie, 1990


Because I could dance like a complete fool to this one while EVERYONE else did the same damn thing.  

9. Cotton-Eyed Joe (1994)


Who could stand still with this one blasting through the speakers?

10.  Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show,Time Warp (1975)


11. Madonna, Vogue (1990)

Yes. I was a Voguer.


I’ve got nothing other than I was a wayward teen …

12. 69 Boyz, Tootsee Roll (1994)


I think the last group dance I learned …

13. Mr. C The Slide Man, Cha Cha Slide (2000)


This one I could do with ease. 

14. House of Pain, Jump Around (1992)




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