The Music Challenge #2

I was at the gym yesterday listening to Matisyahu’s One Day and I was reminded of just how much I dug reggae in the day. Still do, really. Reggae is the one type of music that, no matter the lyrics, takes me to my happy place. It makes me smile and adds an extra bounce to my step. I’m not kidding – reggae songs could have some of the most sad, depressing lyrics of any song on Earth (like a Country song) and somehow, somehow, joy fills my heart. It gives me an energy that lasts for hours.

One cassette I listened to repeatedly was my precious UB40 Promises and Lies. I could pop that puppy in the recorder and sing along all day long. Maybe theirs wasn’t the same kind of reggae people think of when they think of such greats as Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley – I mean they were sort of Brit pop? But hey – it was my happy music taking me to my happy place.

So adding to my 365 are 4 songs that no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, make me smile and feel a little lighter for a while. My Happy Place songs:

2. One Day, Matisyahu (2009)

3. Red, Red, Wine, UB40 (1983)

4. I Can See Clearly Now, Jimmy Cliff (1993)

5. Three Little Birds, Bob Marley (1992)

Tell me you connect somehow to at least one of these! 


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