Robin Williams Was Here

I feel like I had a pretty good throw-back ready to post yesterday. It had stellar story-telling with funny anecdotes. The type of thing you would all get a kick out of, really. Then I heard the news that Robin Williams had died. Then I felt I needed to write something a little different because this news made me so very very sad and for several reasons.

  1. This was a man we grew up with in our living rooms. Whether it was a sitcom, or a stand-up routine, or a movie being replayed for tv, Robin Williams was a household name.
  2. He was a character. In interviews and on screen, Robin Williams was sharp and silly and everything we’d want in a friend.
  3. This was a man who made us laugh. I think what shocked everyone the most was how someone that could make other people so ridiculously happy, could be suffering so deeply.
  4. His delivery was phenomenal. Yes, there have been some great writers that have written some amazing words for Robin Williams to convey, but it was his delivery of those words, those lines, that made us smile or cry or believe…

There is a lot of sad news going on in the world right now, including in our own backyards. Sad news that can make one question humanity in its entirety… With that said, take a moment when you read this post, and remind yourself of the good news out there as well. That kid who beat cancer … the man who could walk again … that person who smiled your way. Take these little snippets and file them away because these are the moments to live for. Reach out sincerely and frequently to those you encounter. As Robin Williams’s death  reminds us that all isn’t necessarily as it seems. And carpe diem, folks.





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