52 Drinks A Year …

So, I have a drink every Friday because a year ago, around New Year’s, my two best friends and I made a pact (because that’s what best friends do). We decided we would have a drink every Friday, take a picture, and text it to one another. I usually post mine on Instagram, so anyone that follows me there probably thinks I’m a raging alcoholic since they constantly and only see pictures of me celebrating with a glass in hand, but that is not the case.

I have a drink every Friday, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, as a toast to two irreplaceable human beings in my life. We may not always get to chat on the phone or even hang out now and again because the laws of life have dictated we remain many hundreds of miles apart, yet that doesn’t negate nor dictate our closeness and fondness and trust and belief in one another – essentially, our friendship.

We started a bond too many years ago to count that is a living breathing thing. It has ups and downs and gaps and harmonies, but never absences. Having that drink and sharing it with them, wherever they are, reminds me of that.  52 drinks celebrating births, mourning loved ones, battling flu, making fun of one another, making fun with one another, playing Fantasy Football, traveling the states, sharing career frustrations, dealing with family matters, building things, moving out and moving on… 52 drinks that I’ve had with my friends and I wouldn’t trade a one of them for the world.

So far, we’ve continued our pact, toasting to one another’s day, accomplishments, or just each other. It’s an appreciation of our history, a celebration of our present and a hope for our future. Missing you guys terribly, but loving you all the same – to Chelle and Darewood — Happy Festive Friday, my dears!

My 52 moments shared with Chelle and Darewood this last year.

My 52 moments shared with Chelle and Darewood this last year.




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